Show You Care … Give Norwex for Christmas!

christmas gift with red balls bow isolated on white background

Hi Everyone!     I am sure you are all busy getting ready for winter and holiday activities. We have tried to simplify gift giving in recent years and have tried to create memories by doing things together to promote family relationships.  I also have tried to help others to give gifts that are good for those receiving the gifts and for the home surrounding them.

It is not too late to order gifts for Christmas and I would like suggest some items that you could give individually, or use them to create themed gift packets for just about anyone on your gift list!  Click on the links to learn more about and order any of these products.

1. For the little helper….Kids Dust Mitt stuffed with Strawberry Toothpaste, a toothbrush of your choosing, Baby Body Pack, and a Pet to Dry,(pig, bear, kitty,tiger).   Or you could put in a Kids Enviro and window cloth.

2. For the man in the family…. Car Wash Mitt, stuffed with Car cloth, and Leather Shine.  Or you could stuff the car wash mitt with 3 in one Car Mitt and Mint Toothpaste and Adult Silver Care Toothbrush.

3. For the lady of the home…..Body Scrub Mitt, stuffed with Shower Gel, Body Lotion, and a Natural Deodorant Stick.

4. Another ladies’ choice... Hair Turban, Spa Wrap, Mediterranean Olive Oil Salt Scrub, Foot Stone.

5. Sports FanSport Towel, Sportzyme, Timeless Relaxation Rescue Gel, Natural Deodorant Stick.  The Back Scrubber is also an add on.

6. Pet Lover….Pet Mitt, Pet Towel,  Stuff mitt with other pet treats or grooming needs.

7. Kitchen Diva….Cutting Board, tied up with Produce wash, Dish cloth, Dish cloth & towel set, or Veggie scrub cloth, Bottle Brush with Enviro Sleeve.

I hope these may give you some great ideas for gift giving. If you need help or other suggestions, please contact me and we’ll work together to make your Christmas giving easier and thoughtful!


Bye-Bye Wet Wipes!

A google search for “Wet Wipes” brings up over 2,600,000 links!  You can buy them everywhere (scented and unscented, with aloe and without); from convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, office supply stores and more, to eBay and Amazon!  They are ubiquitous in our society … found in the trash bags of every home with children and flushed down millions of toilets every day as part of the regular activity of our “disposable” society.

My daughter has two darling girls and another (perhaps a boy) on the way!  Lucy, the three year old, is already pulling wet wipes out of the pop up container on her own and using them … sometimes in wads … for various purposes.  I’m looking forward to sharing with this busy mom the new EnviroCloth Travel Pack with the Reusable Wet Wipes Bag!  This is a GREAT idea and would make a wonderful gift for the moms, expectant moms or grandmoms that you know!  Get one for yourself as well. I know I will!

wet bag

The ALL NEW TRAVEL PACK is a compact version of the EnviroCloth. Keep one in your purse, car, suitcase or diaper bag.  It comes in sets of four cloths with a convenient carrying pouch.

The REUSABLE WET WIPES BAG is a water resistant, 2-pocket bag in which you can place your Norwex Microfiber Cloths, dry or wet, anytime, anywhere. You can also put your dry, unused Makeup Remover Cloths or Baby Body Pack in the front pockets, and use the larger pocket for wet or used items.

What a GREAT combination!  What a great GIFT idea!