A Thankful Heart

LindaBusinessCardFBI am thinking this month of all the people in my life that I am thankful for and for being able to stay home now and work with my loving hubby, of 49 years, in ministry to others. We also keep busy with loving our three grands in Davenport and trying to be a support there. I became a real fan of Norwex products about 3 years ago now and even though I never liked to sell things, I have come to believe in the good and beneficial nature of these products that I have joined the Norwex Movement.

These products have made my cleaning and personal care life simpler and safer and I want to be able to share this with many out there. While I am not a militant environmentalist, I do believe we are entrusted to care for our families and our world to the best of our ability. There is a lot that each one of us can contribute to this goal and I hope to share these products with many of you to show you how you can make your homes safer for your families and friends.

Go to my web site and view all the great products available to help you. I would love to come do home demonstrations for you and help you earn great host rewards as well as show you how you can join my team and become a part of this great movement. This is a wonderful group to work with and I am Thankful for them this month.

Fall Changes and Opportunities

Fall is in full force and we even have freeze warnings out for tonight. My mind has turned to getting ready for cold weather and the purging of many acquired unnecessary trappings in my life.

I want to help as many of you as I can to make your homes safer by ridding your selves of the harmful chemicals you use every day and at the same time provide safe and effective cleaning and personal care solutions for you and your family.

October brings a chance for you to host a Norwex Party in your home and learn about the products that can be so helpful to you and earn a lot of free items to use in your own home. You provide a light refreshment and I do all the work.

I am also looking for team members. I just attended the IWLC Conference in Dubuque on leadership and business and I believe that Norwex is a great company to work for and be your own boss. They give a great discount, incentives and lots of training opportunities. They are concerned for their consultants and very charitable in their giving while putting forth a product that is good for us and the environment. If you join as a member of my team, I will be available to help you every way I can to see you achieve your dreams and goals.  View the video below to learn more about the Norwex opportunity.   Contact me using the form below if you are ready to start realizing your full potential as a Norwex Independent Consultant.

You can also visit my website  to learn more about the Norwex company, products, and opportunities.

Let’s Party!

Sweet and tasty Belgium white and dark chocolate pralines

Today I want to explain three easy ways to host a Norwex party and get all the great benefits that I explained in my post yesterday.  I want to emphasize that while each of these approaches are different, you as the host will still get the same benefits regardless.  Ready to have a party?  Which approach would you prefer?

The Home Demonstration.  For this type of party you simply invite your friends to show up at your home and I’ll come and show many of the Norwex products (you might even request some specific ones) and I will demonstrate how they are used.  I really like smearing butter on your windows or mirrors and then showing how easy it is to clean it off!  This is really the best type of party to have since the products really sell themselves!  Your party-goers will be able to handle the products and see them in action.  They will also be able to ask questions about the products as well as their specific cleaning needs.  It also provides opportunity for that important face to face time that we seem to have less and less of these days. This type of party generally generates better sales and, therefore, earn you more free product!

A variation of this type of party, if you don’t want to have it in YOUR home is to have it in someone else’s home (it works best if you ask them first) and share the host benefits with them!  That way you can both invite folks and it could make for a larger party!  Just don’t forget the chocolate for me to snack on!

The Catalog Party.  Here is a great way to have a party if you live too far away for me to come to do a home party (although I am willing to travel a reasonable distance).  Catalog parties are also great if you have family and friends who live too far to come to your home.  You take a catalog or two and pass it around to your friends and family, or even at the office.  Or you show it to them personally letting them know which products you use and like.  You take the orders and then pass them on to me so I can enter them for you.  This method is a little more difficult if you don’t have a good personal knowledge of the products but it can be a good way to go if your customers know Norwex.  This method can also be used in tandem with your Home Party if you have folks who would like to come to your home but have a conflict!  I’ll be happy to provide you with the catalogs you need when we set a date to close your party.  There is no chocolate needed for this type of party!

The Web Page Party.  This works similarly to the Catalog Party except that you can invite your friends and family, and even your Facebook friends to use the link to my Norwex Website Catalog where they can browse the products and special offers and order what they want on-line.  Once again we would set a closing date for your party and they would need to order before that date.  The customer simply needs to designate you as their host before they make payment.  They also have the option of having their purchases shipped directly to them.  If you live nearby, however, it is less expensive to have their items shipped to you and then arrange for them to get them after they arrive.  As in the case of the Catalog Party, there is no chocolate needed unless you want to get some for yourself!

Ready to talk about having one of these kind of parties?  Please contact me through my Facebook page, or by leaving a comment below, and let’s talk about what works best for you!

Have you been to any of these types of parties?  How did you like them.  I’m interested in your ideas for creating Norwex theme parties!  What themes would you suggest and how would you do them.

Til next time,


Want to Know a Secret?

Girl Telling A Secret To Her Friend

I have a confession to make.  It’s not really a deep dark secret and it’s one that I probably share with most of you who are reading this.  My knee-jerk reaction is to issue an automatic NO in answer to someone who asks me to host a “home party”.  Does that sound like you?  Well at least it’s comforting to know that we are not alone!

Well now that we have that on the table, I want to suggest some reasons why you might want to say YES when I ask you to host a Norwex Party!  In a day or two, I’ll also tell you some of the different ways in which you can have a party.

First things first though: Why in the world would you ever want to say YES to host a Norwex party?

  • A good excuse to have your friends and family over … in person!  Have you ever thought about the fact that with social media being what it is, and actually communicating face to face becoming a rarity, it’s kinda nice to actually interact with folks without having to use your iPhone, computer or iPad?  A Norwex party is a great reason to have some face time with friends and family!
  • You will love the Norwex products!  If you haven’t already learned about Norwex products, or even if you have, there’s no better way to learn more about them than to have them demonstrated in your own home.  What’s more, you can even ask for specific products in which you might be interested to be demonstrated!
  • Your friends will love the products.  These days, more and more people are concerned about protecting the environment.  Not only that but everyone needs to be clean … they DO, right?  And with busy schedules, a house full of kids, a dislike for the routine of cleaning … we all know folks who would love to have something to make their cleaning easier.  Do you have friends with allergies?  Do you have short friends?  Tall friends?  Man friends? Kid friends? New mother friends?  I can show you products for ALL of them.  I promise, when your friends and family use my products they will thank YOU for introducing them.
  • Host Rewards. As a host, you will earn gifts and/or discounted product with any sales from your show. It’s not at all unusual for a host to receive gifts of up to 100-200.00 worth of Norwex products.  See information on this below.
  • Get your house cleaned for free.  That sounds attractive doesn’t it?  You don’t need to get your home spotless before the party.  In fact, I want you to LEAVE SOME DIRT to clean up!
  • Food. It’s very typical, whenever people get together, to find that there is also some tasty food and beverage available.  Please don’t spend a lot of time cooking and baking.  Don’t over do it.  Some store-bought treats will do just fine as long as you have some chocolate for me.  Coffee, Tea, and water are just fine!

No other direct sales company that I know of has the level of high quality host benefits as Norwex.  Here’s how you get them.  Each way works independently of the other … it is not a tiered system.

  • Number of Buying Guests: You will earn free products if you have 5 or more buying guests. Even if they each just buy one thing, it all counts. More buying guests than 5? … you get even more!
  • Shopping Spree from Percentage of Sales: The shopping spree starts at 8% of the total party sales and goes up to 12% depending on the size of the party.  If your party has sales of $500 you get a $50 shopping spree! That will get you a superior mop system at almost half price!
  • Free Window Cloth: Every booking your party gets you will get a window cloth.  If you get two party bookings you get a window cloth and a reusable grocery bag! Window cloths are not just for windows … they work great on mirrors and glass table tops.  I love my window cloth!
  • Monthly Hostess Special: This is the main goal of most hosts, because it gets you the most free product. You must have one booking from your party and at least $350 in sales to qualify for the first level of free hostess products.

Now … let me ask you … Why in the world would you ever say NO to hosting a Norwex party?  

And then let me ask you: WOULD YOU LIKE TO BOOK A NORWEX PARTY WITH ME?  There, I asked you.  Resist the urge to say NO.  Say YES and join the fun.  You’ll be glad you did!

Have you hosted a Norwex party before?  Was it fun?  If not, what would keep you from hosting a Norwex party?  Please Comment below, contact me on my website, or message me on my Norwex Facebook Page.

Watch for my next post in which I’ll talk about the different ways to have a party.

Til next time,


April’s Hostess Rewards are detailed below:


Get Your Norwex Graphite Entry Mat!

abstract_110003862-1013int-011314intApril party hosts are not only awarded the usual gifts and shopping dollars but qualifying party hosts also get the Graphite (gray) Norwex entry mat!  That is a GREAT value!  I keep one at the front door and at the back door of my home.  Learn more about this great product.

Take advantage of this great offer by booking an April party in your home today! All you need to do is invite your friends and open your door!  I’ll happily come and spend time sharing and demonstrating Norwex’s great products and YOU get the gifts, shopping dollars and the entry mat!

Contact me soon and I’ll fill you in on how it works and we’ll set a date!

My Vendor Event Baptism

-i-refuse-to-clean-until-my-norwex-products-arrive-b8992We had a fun time at the Fall Frolic, in Dubuque, last night.  I took a few orders, but more importantly I made some new contacts, met some other vendors of various products, and got my catalog in a lot of hands and have a potential team member (we’ll see).  We will also have the opportunity, now, to participate again next year.  It was a “baptism” of sorts since I had never done such a thing before and it was such short notice.  Tim helped me by preparing some display items, printing some promo literature and he came and sat at the table with me for three hours.  If you prayed for me … thanks!  I appreciate it.

Speaking of Tim, “his party” closes on the 29th and we have no orders yet.  If you are inclined to help the old boy out it would be wonderful!

Go to my store page and place your orders.  When checking out, just before you give your payment information, you will have the opportunity to select a host.  Use that option and enter “Jeske” in the last name and then select him when he pops up!



To Boldly Go Where This Woman Has Never Gone Before!

fall frolic flyercorrectionLate last night, the day after I fell backward off of two steps and slammed into the garage floor, hitting my head on the car and the floor in the process … I got text message asking me it I would be interested in filling in for a gal who was going to do AVA Anderson products at a local vendor show here in Dubuque tonight.  She’s been taken ill and wanted to know if I’d be interested in taking her spot and doing my NORWEX.  Even though I’ve never done that kind of venue before, and don’t really have the display stuff I would like to have etc., I agreed to do it … and no, it wasn’t the lateness of the hour or the conk on the head taking effect. After a little thought, and a reminder from my hubby that we have been praying for these types of opportunities to open up it seemed to make sense.

So … FALL FROLIC at the Best Western Motel in Dubuque is where I’ll be this evening from 5-8 PM, along with more than twenty other vendors.  If you are in Dubuque, I would LOVE to see you there, even if you only stop by to give a word of encouragement to the lady at the NORWEX table who has no idea how this is going to go tonight!  🙂

If you can’t come … then pray for me …. well … pray anyway, even if you DO come!