A Thankful Heart

LindaBusinessCardFBI am thinking this month of all the people in my life that I am thankful for and for being able to stay home now and work with my loving hubby, of 49 years, in ministry to others. We also keep busy with loving our three grands in Davenport and trying to be a support there. I became a real fan of Norwex products about 3 years ago now and even though I never liked to sell things, I have come to believe in the good and beneficial nature of these products that I have joined the Norwex Movement.

These products have made my cleaning and personal care life simpler and safer and I want to be able to share this with many out there. While I am not a militant environmentalist, I do believe we are entrusted to care for our families and our world to the best of our ability. There is a lot that each one of us can contribute to this goal and I hope to share these products with many of you to show you how you can make your homes safer for your families and friends.

Go to my web site and view all the great products available to help you. I would love to come do home demonstrations for you and help you earn great host rewards as well as show you how you can join my team and become a part of this great movement. This is a wonderful group to work with and I am Thankful for them this month.

Fall Changes and Opportunities

Fall is in full force and we even have freeze warnings out for tonight. My mind has turned to getting ready for cold weather and the purging of many acquired unnecessary trappings in my life.

I want to help as many of you as I can to make your homes safer by ridding your selves of the harmful chemicals you use every day and at the same time provide safe and effective cleaning and personal care solutions for you and your family.

October brings a chance for you to host a Norwex Party in your home and learn about the products that can be so helpful to you and earn a lot of free items to use in your own home. You provide a light refreshment and I do all the work.

I am also looking for team members. I just attended the IWLC Conference in Dubuque on leadership and business and I believe that Norwex is a great company to work for and be your own boss. They give a great discount, incentives and lots of training opportunities. They are concerned for their consultants and very charitable in their giving while putting forth a product that is good for us and the environment. If you join as a member of my team, I will be available to help you every way I can to see you achieve your dreams and goals.  View the video below to learn more about the Norwex opportunity.   Contact me using the form below if you are ready to start realizing your full potential as a Norwex Independent Consultant.

You can also visit my website  to learn more about the Norwex company, products, and opportunities.

Let’s Work Together on the Norwex Team and Create a Brighter Future

Fall is in the air and I am two weeks from retiring and expanding my efforts with Norwex. I just found out that September is a risk free month for joining and I would love to have you join my team. Check out the video by Debbie Bolton and go to my website and join me! I can’t wait to help you  become as excited about Norwex products and the wonderful people in this group as I am.  It also can’t hurt to make a nice profit also, for use as you see fit.

After watching the video, if you are interested go to my website and read more about joining my team.

Doing it Together!

Teamwork Definition Closeup Shows Combined Effort And Cooperation

For over a year I’ve been learning the ins and outs of being an independent consultant for Norwex.  I started doing it, originally, because I liked the cleaning products and I wanted to be able to save a little money by getting them at a discount.  Since then, I’ve become even more in love with the products but I’ve also become a strong proponent of eliminating as many chemicals from our homes as we can.  Cleaning supplies accounts for a huge amount of home chemicals!!! 

Recently, I was privileged to recruit a new independent consultant and add her to my team!  I was so excited!

If you have never thought of becoming a consultant for Norwex I want to invite you to consider it now.  Yes, you get the discount on the great Norwex products but think about these other reasons as well.

  1. You have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives and homes of those people whom you introduce to the safe, chemical free, environmentally friendly, effective cleaning products! How many homemakers do you know who would just love to have someone show them how to perform the cleaning routines in a safer, faster way?
  2. You will make a generous 35% commission on the sales you generate! Whether you need a little extra income to make ends meet, or whether you want to start a new career, Norwex offers you the potential of doing either … or something in between … and doing it on your own terms and schedule.  It’s a great opportunity with a great product!
  3. You don’t NEED to go to people’s homes and do home demonstrations in order to be a consultant. Perhaps that’s just not your thing.  Maybe you are a busy mom with small children and can’t imagine having the freedom to leave them for a night out at the party!  That’s OK!  You can still find success with the Catalog Party and the Website Party approaches.  There are even other ways to have parties that I can help you with.
  4. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to start. It won’t even cost you thousands of dollars!  Consultants are generously paid and receive free products regularly. Becoming a consultant can cost as little as 200.00 for your starter kit and under some circumstances it won’t even cost you that!  We can talk more about those circumstances if you are interested.
  5. Come and join my team and I’ll be sure that you get all the help, advice, and support that you need in order to be a success. If I don’t have the answers for your questions, I know someone who will provide them to me.  I’ll be interested in you as a person … and as a team member regardles of where you may live.  With the wonders of technology today you can be halfway across the country and we can still be teammates!.  We’ll be in this together!
  6. Now for the BEST reason: I’d love to have you on my team and would count it a privilege to serve you!

If you have questions, let’s talk!  Contact me by e-mail, or leave me a comment to that effect below, and we’ll arrange to do so at a time and in a manner that you prefer.

If you are ready to join my team, use this link and follow the prompts.  I’ll be in touch with you soon after.

Thanks, so much!


Not Everything in Life is Risk Free … But THIS Is!

risk_freeSeptember has begun our change in seasons to cooler weather.  It is time to clean, sort and change out many of the things we have accumulated in anticipation of the cooler months ahead.   It is time to get those enviro and polish cloths to clean windows and more.   It is also a great month to join the Norwex team  and be a part of the Norwex Movement to create safer havens for your friends and family.   It is a no risk sign up month for all of September and only costs 9.99 for shipping your starter kit.    You get the basic kit to help you get started with no sales requirement.  You may just want the discount for personal buying power but I am sure you will be so excited about the products that you won’t be able to not share them with others!  Go here for more information and/or to Join!

Join My Team … Sign Up for FREE! … RISK FREE!

LindaBusinessCardFBPart-time or Full-time, you can join my team and become a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant RISK FREE!  In the month of September, Norwex is accepting new consultants for whom they will provide the Starter Kit for Free! Not only that, but when you select the Jump In to Norwex Kit, they’ll also waive the sales requirement for joining! That means you get the opportunity to enjoy and share eco-friendly products for a healthier lifestyle and a greener planet all at no cost to you! Jump in; Join my team; the time is now!

It is my goal to have someone join my team before January 1, 2016 and you might be that person.  When you join my team, you can set your schedule as you decide how to sell Norwex products: whether one-to-one, through in-home presentations or catalog sales. Be your own boss, earn 35% Commission and generous monthly incentives! Connect with me today to begin changing lives, including your own! Help share the Norwex Mission of improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes!

I know that I’m glad I became a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant by taking advantage of a similar opportunity and I know you will be to.  Join my team!


I am super excited by Norwex.  I love the new products and want to get into as many places as I can to help people create safe havens for their families.   We can protect our environment and save money as well.   I have found a product and an organization that cares for people and has honesty and integrity.  I can be a part of this without reservation.   I have a free sign up coupon that expires in three days.  I would love to have someone join my team.

In a normal sign up you would need to sell 2000 in 90 days or pay for the kit. (200.00)  That is very easy to do but the one certificate I have is no risk, no amount of sales need.  To remain engaged or active, you would have to sell 250.00 every rolling 6 months.   We get a 35% discount right away and they have many other perks along the way.  I will be there to help and the web site has all kinds of helps.

That is very easy to do I have found.  I am having fun and fulfilling a great purpose.  I am excited to see what is going to happen this year and would love to go to next years conference as a team leader.    Come join me!