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Tim and I have a number of shows for Crafters and/or Direct Sales Vendors, scheduled between now and the end of the year and I’d like to be sure my local friends know about them. Depending on the nature of the show it may be both of us who are selling or just one or the other of us.  In any event, we always go together and help each other.  I always have a good amount of inventory with me and great savings can be had since there are no shipping charges to be paid.  These are always a lot of fun and there are many other vendors and crafters in attendance.  You can view the schedule of events by clicking on the “Events” tab at the top of my blog page.

I’m looking forward to broadening my exposure by conducting on-line parties.  Watch for that to come in the months ahead!.

Retired Today but Still on a Mission!

lindaretireI officially retired today, but I am not going to quit working!  I will be giving a lot more attention to my Norwex Mission.

I want to help as many of you as I can, to make your homes safer by having you use products that allow you to rid your homes of harmful chemicals you should never use.  You can make a real difference in your homes and families by using products that are good both for you and the environment.  Join me in the Norwex Movement by using Norwex products and spreading the word to others.  Every month people who have parties or serve as hosts receive a bounty of host rewards in free product and buying power.

Also September is a no risk sign up month.  You get a simple starter kit with enough product to get you started in business.  You simply pay the shipping fee of 9.99 and you get to keep it regardless of what you do.  Right away you get a 35% discount and you make 35% on each sale. You also receive great consultant incentives and rewards.  You can sign up for the free 60 day website and if you keep it ,it is just 9.99 a month.  They also give you a lot of support with training and fellowship with other consultants.

Have you ever wanted to be able to work from home, being free to participate in all family activities by setting your own schedule?  I have heard so many testimonies of consultants who have stated that joining Norwex was life changing for them and allowed them to really make a difference in their families’ lives.  There is still time to join me in the Norwex movement risk free.  Join my team and the Norwex family by going to my web site at and click on the Join Us tab.  Select the Try It Share It offer and you will be added to my team.

I look forward to working with all of you to make our homes safer.  Why not do it this month?  You have nothing to lose, and it may just be the beginning of a brighter future!

Less Money! More Filling!

LindaBusinessCardFBI went grocery shopping last night, returning for the first time in over a year or more to the local and recently remodeled Aldis instead of the HyVee.  I like what they have done to the place and realized when I came home that I got a LOT of groceries for a fair amount LESS then they would have cost me at HyVee.  We have become used to shopping at HyVee where we enjoy the benefits of the “Fuel Saver” points that have saved us a ton of money on gas for the car.  We have rarely paid more than 1.00/gallon for gas and sometimes much less than that because we carefully watch the specials and take advantage of the fuel saver deals.  It comes down to spending less money for filling the stomach.  Or spending less money for filling the tank.   Such a dilemma!

Has anyone else reading this made a choice between the two … and why?  Perhaps you will let me know in your response.

Special Thanks!

Special thanks to Melissa Barsness and Charissa Peterson for hosting a party last night.  It looks like we could easily attain a party of over 500.00 in sales which would be great for them since they are in line for some great Hostess gifts!  You can help them over the top by submitting an order on their party before Saturday evening.

  1.  Go to
  2. Select your products
  3. Before you actually check-out with the payment information, search for the host and enter “Melissa Barsness”
  4. This will assure that anything you purchase will be credited to Charissa and Melissa